Re: Is there some problem with latest VirtIO drivers and recent Windows 11 23H2?

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I suggest to use instead of spice-devel mail list unless you think the problem is somehow related to spice-devel


On Sat, Dec 16, 2023 at 11:16 AM Carlos González <piteccelaya@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm coming directly from this mess:

QEMU Windows 11 virtual machine; it successfully had updated from 22h2 to 23h2 through Windows update, but after this ANY subsequent cumulative update breaks the vm into BSOD after rebooting, and in the very best of cases all changes are just reverted.
Attempting to update via directly running the latest Windows 11 ISO yields the very same results, except that at the end it shows the BSOD code, which hints at "faulty drivers and/or outdated BIOS firmware".
Finally, trying to install latest Windows 11 from scratch in a newly created QEMU vm also results in failure: ISO boots, VirtIO storage driver is loaded, installer copies files to virtual disk, reboots... NOTHING to boot. Windows' EFI partition never shows, as if never created; thus I only get the UEFI shell, and the cycle repeats.

I used latest VirtIO ISO version 240 for all cases.

By chance, any idea of what's happening?

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