Re: [PATCH v6 0/9] Fix cursor planes with virtualized drivers

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Albert Esteve <aesteve@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> v6: Shift DRIVER_CURSOR_HOTSPOT flag bit to BIT(9), since BIT(8)
> was already taken by DRIVER_GEM_GPUVA.
> v5: Add a change with documentation from Michael, based on his discussion
> with Pekka and bump the kernel version DRM_CLIENT_CAP_CURSOR_PLANE_HOTSPOT
> might be introduced with to 6.6.
> v4: Make drm_plane_create_hotspot_properties static, rename
> and some minor stylistic fixes for things found by Javier and Pekka
> in v3.
> v3: Renames, fixes and cleanups suggested by Daniel, Simon and Pekka
> after v2. There's no major changes in functionality. Please let me know
> if I missed anything, it's been a while since v2.
> Virtualized drivers have had a lot of issues with cursor support on top
> of atomic modesetting. This set both fixes the long standing problems
> with atomic kms and virtualized drivers and adds code to let userspace
> use atomic kms on virtualized drivers while preserving functioning
> seamless cursors between the host and guest.
> The first change in the set is one that should be backported as far as
> possible, likely 5.4 stable, because earlier stable kernels do not have
> virtualbox driver. The change makes virtualized drivers stop exposing
> a cursor plane for atomic clients, this fixes mouse cursor on all well
> formed compositors which will automatically fallback to software cursor.
> The rest of the changes until the last one ports the legacy hotspot code
> to atomic plane properties.
> Finally the last change introduces userspace API to let userspace
> clients advertise the fact that they are aware of additional restrictions
> placed upon the cursor plane by virtualized drivers and lets them use
> atomic kms with virtualized drivers (the clients are expected to set
> hotspots correctly when advertising support for virtual cursor plane).
> Link to the IGT test covering this patch (already merged):
> Mutter patch:
> Michael Banack (1):
>   drm: Introduce documentation for hotspot properties
> Zack Rusin (8):
>   drm: Disable the cursor plane on atomic contexts with virtualized
>     drivers
>   drm/atomic: Add support for mouse hotspots
>   drm/vmwgfx: Use the hotspot properties from cursor planes
>   drm/qxl: Use the hotspot properties from cursor planes
>   drm/vboxvideo: Use the hotspot properties from cursor planes
>   drm/virtio: Use the hotspot properties from cursor planes
>   drm: Remove legacy cursor hotspot code

Pushed to drm-misc (drm-misc-next). Thanks!

Best regards,

Javier Martinez Canillas
Core Platforms
Red Hat

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