Re: How to Remote Windows without Seeing Tutorial

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Il giorno gio 27 lug 2023 alle ore 13:34 民生银行
<KRUranustest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> How to remotely install Windows without seeing the tutorial? I need Windows to install the server. Remote Windows is required

  it's not clear what you are asking. Are you sure "tutorial" is the
word you want?

You can surely install any operating system without following any
tutorials, for instance you can either try to insert the CD/DVD and
try to follow the wizard or any kind of installation or for more
complicated OSes follow the manual.

About remote access libvirt and virt-manager provides remote access to
configure systems from scratch.

If you need to have remote CD/DVD images (on the client) the last
SPICE client has a virtual drive you can use to provide access to an
installation disk.


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