Re: [Freedreno] [PATCH RFC v1 00/52] drm/crtc: Rename struct drm_crtc::dev to drm_dev

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On 12/07/2023 20:31, Sean Paul wrote:
>>>     216 struct drm_device *ddev
>>>     234 struct drm_device *drm_dev
>>>     611 struct drm_device *drm
>>>    4190 struct drm_device *dev
>>> This series starts with renaming struct drm_crtc::dev to drm_dev. If
>>> it's not only me and others like the result of this effort it should be
>>> followed up by adapting the other structs and the individual usages in
>>> the different drivers.
>> I think this is an unnecessary change. In drm, a dev is usually a drm
>> device, i.e. struct drm_device *. As shown by the numbers above.
> I'd really prefer this patch (series or single) is not accepted. This
> will cause problems for everyone cherry-picking patches to a
> downstream kernel (LTS or distro tree). I usually wouldn't expect
> sympathy here, but the questionable benefit does not outweigh the cost
> IM[biased]O.

You know, every code cleanup and style adjustment is interfering with
backporting. The only argument for a fast-pacing kernel should be
whether the developers of this code find it more readable with such cleanup.

Best regards,

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