Re: [PATCH v5 09/44] drm: handle HAS_IOPORT dependencies

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> > There is also a direct and hard coded use in cirrus.c which according to
> > the comment is only necessary during resume.  Let's just skip this as
> > for example s390 which doesn't have I/O port support also doesen't
> > support suspend/resume.
> I think we should consider making cirrus depend on HAS_IOPORT. The driver is
> only for qemu's cirrus emulation, which IIRC can only be enabled for i586.

Agree.  cirrus is x86 only (both i386 / x86_64 though).  Just require
HAS_IOPORT and be done with it.

> And it has all been deprecated long ago.

The fact that cirrus used to be the qemu default for many years is
pretty much the only reason it is still somewhat relevant today ...

take care,

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