Re: how to build usbredirect-x64-0.13.0.msi

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I'm CC'ing spice-devel mailing list.

On Thu, Apr 06, 2023 at 11:47:29AM +0800, 李皆俊 wrote:
> Hi, l want to build usbredirect-x64-0.13.0.msi in centos8 stream;
> follw the doc  
> Generate the MSI installer
> On the usbredir srcdir mkdir build-win64 && cd build-win64
> mingw64-meson
> DESTDIR=./install-root ninja install
> DESTDIR=./install-root ninja data/usbredirect-x64-$version.msi
> The MSI installer is then located at build-win64/data
> when i run DESTDIR=./install-root ninja install is good and
> usbredirect.exe is in tools dir; and then run


> DESTDIR=./install-root ninja data/usbredirect-x64-$version.msi
> have some error:[ninja: error: unknown target 'data/usbredirect-x64.msi'];

We used $version in the docs because it changes, so it is a
variable. Try:

    DESTDIR=./install-root ninja data/usbredirect-x64-0.13.0.msi

This process calls msitools binaries and uses its wxi data to
assembly the msi installer.

> so i want some help: how to build usbredirect-x64-0.13.0.msi in centos8 stream
> think you very mach.


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