Re: [PATCH] reset qxl to vga mode

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> Hi,
>   It looks good to me. Why it was QXL_IO_MEMSLOT_ADD I don't know. On
> Linux is QXL_IO_RESET too.

May be a typo ?, here you can use sysinternal's notmyfault to test this bug.
1. launch qemu use legacy bios mode. make sure qxl driver is active, then open notmyfault64.exe click on crash button. It will trigger a bsod
2. without reset/patch, we cannot see bluescreen shown

before qxl revision 5, even DodResetDevice does nothing, the qemu will do reset after detect qxl mode mismatch. see

But qxl revison 5+ requires explicit reset

not myfault:

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