Re: How to compile spice-vd_agent?

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Il giorno mar 7 feb 2023 alle ore 09:17 王正浩 <wangzhenghao@xxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Hi Team,
>     I'd like to build my own spice-vd_agent(for windows 10). Is there any guide to build it?  I failed to build it with mingw64 on ubuntu 20.04 and vs2019 on win10.
>     On windows it blocked by " LNK1181: cannot open input file zlibwapi.lib", and  on ubuntu it shows "configure: error: Package requirements (libpng) were not met:"
>     If I shouldn't ask this question here, Plz tell me the correct mail list.
>     Thx a lot.

  yes, you can follow 2 ways: cross compile on Linux or native build,
is up to you.

For the cross compiled version easier to use Fedora (you can easily
use a container), see .gitlab-ci.yml file or for list of required specific packages
(the gitlab script is pretty small and easy to follow).

For the native compiler you can follow the appveyor.yml file, easy to
use vcpkg to get required dependencies. It mainly uses CMake.


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