Re: In spicy, how to change shft-F12 to ungrab the mouse ?

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Le 1/3/23 à 14:38, Uri Lublin a écrit :

Happy new year everybody.

On Wed, Dec 28, 2022 at 11:11 AM Pierre Couderc <pierre@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is is possible ? how ?

You can try adding the following to spicy configuration file
(e.g. in $HOME/.config/spicy/settings on my Fedora), under [general]:

Hope that helps,

Thnk you, it helps very much...

It works. But I amsurprised that if I try to change Alt_L+Control_L for exmple Alt_G+Control_G it does not work...

Aniway, Alt_L+Control_L is enogh for my needs...

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