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Il giorno sab 5 nov 2022 alle ore 08:09 Dirk Eibach
<dirk.eibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I have started developing a standalone (non-virtual) windows server
> application. It is based on the Desktop Duplication API, available
> since Windows 8.
> A proof of concept is already working nicely. It still has some rough
> edges though. If you like, join the fun at
> Comments welcome.
> Cheers
> Dirk

Hi Dirk,
   I had to moderate this email and I had some doubts about accepting it or not.
I had to go and look at the GitHub link to understand what it was.
More or less is a project to use SPICE on a bare metal machine,
something like x11spice or winspice (see

About licensing. it seems you want to post your code under GPL however
your project is distributing some file copyrighted by Microsoft. Did
you check if you can do it? Also, having multiple licensed files it
would be good to put the licences header on each of your files. Sorry
if this seems pedantic but better to get licenses right from the


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