Re: [PATCH x11spice] Call xf86SetDesiredModes() in DUMMYScreenInit().

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Il giorno mar 23 ago 2022 alle ore 13:27 Henri Verbeet
<hverbeet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Hi Frediano,
> On 23/08/2022 14.01, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
> > Looking on the Internet this function is also called in EnterVT
> > callback. Don't we need something similar?
> I think that in principle we would, but by its nature of being an
> "off-screen" driver, spice-video-dummy doesn't (or at least, shouldn't)
> VT switch.
> I suppose we could implement EnterVT()/LeaveVT() anyway for consistency
> with other drivers, or add an error message in case we ever get there
> anyway, or something along those lines, but it feels a little moot.
> Henri

  as I said, not really an expert, your comment makes sense so I would
keep the original version.


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