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On 8/1/22 16:13, Victor Toso wrote:
> Hi,
> CC'ing the list and Hans.
> On Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 02:55:53PM +0100, James Miller wrote:
>> Hi Victor, thanks for getting back to me.
>> Currently I have to echo 0 to the path under sys, and then
>> manually select the device to redirect in virtmanager and then
>> return to the terminal on the host and echo 1 to the same path.
> Ah, okay, so it is a three-step process: echo 0 to $path, then
> SPICE redirection, then echo 1 $path....  if you want to do it
> for several VMs for example, it should be very annoying.
>> I don't mind this so much, but I have added the alias to the
>> fedora help page on yubikeys, and was wondering if there is any
>> programmatic way of achieving the redirection in the alias
>> itself.  ie the alias would echo 0, handle the redirection, and
>> then echo 1...
> I don't have such device to test but I wonder why that is needed
> at all. What is the path you have to echo? Perhaps that can be
> achievable in a different way with with libusb or some specific
> driver's config that will get called when SPICE's redirection
> takes place.
> Hans, have you tried this kind of device before?

No not really, also I have the feeling that I'm missing a lot
of context here. Echo 1/0 to which sysfs file for example ?

Also is this using the usbredirection built into the SPICE client(s),
or is this using QEMU's host usbredirection?



>> I wondered if spice exposed a useful set of commands to achieve
>> this with, perhaps via the spice-vdagentd socket... (I
>> obviously know virtually nothing about how spice works...)...
> No, no API like that is exposed because for the set of devices
> we redirect, it isn't needed. Let's see if we can workaround this
> in the client OS first (e.g: configs) otherwise we can think
> something in spice-gtk (probably QEMU too if you try to usb
> pass through?)
> Cheers,
> Victor
>> On Fri, 29 Jul 2022, 10:48 Victor Toso, <victortoso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 09:56:21AM +0100, James Miller wrote:
>>>> Hi,  I wonder if the irc address on the website contact page (
>>>> needs updating?
>>>> I can't find - I think they now use matrix.
>>>> I want to know if there is anyway to manage usb-redirection
>>>> to a libvirt kvm vm from the command line.  In particular,
>>>> I want to redirect a usb key (yubikey) to the virt-manager
>>>> managed vm, from the command line, as I need to deauthorise
>>>> the key (echoing 0 to a file under a path below sys) before
>>>> redirecting it.
>>> Ah, interesting, never tried this kind of device.
>>> Wouldn't it simply work if you do echo 0 and the do the
>>> redirection with virt-manager or remote-viewer's UI?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Victor

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