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Il giorno mar 28 giu 2022 alle ore 16:25 Brian Michelson <brian.michelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
Hello dear spice team,

we have a problem with connection via your html 5 client.

We set a spice server in qemu and the connection via virt manager
works, both locally and from outside.
Now we started the websockify server and pointed the browser to the
html client,
but we had no success connecting yet.

Our first question is, is it normal that we dont get any response in
the debug log of the html 5 spice client.

We start websockify by using: websockify 5959 is this

Is this proxy running on the Qemu machine?
In the attatchments you find will find a picture of how we connect.

From the image you are trying to connect to the same IP where Qemu (spice-server) is listening. So I'm assuming websockify is running on the same machine. By the way you have to connect to  the machine running websockify. Try to check if there's no firewall between websockify and Qemu and from your HTML client and websockify (I usually check with telnet).
Recent versions of spice-server has websocket support integrated so you could try directly to connect to Qemu without websockify.
Greetings from

Tibor & Brian


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