Re: [RFC 26/32] drm: handle HAS_IOPORT dependencies

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On Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 05:43:11PM +0100, Niklas Schnelle wrote:
> In a future patch HAS_IOPORT=n will result in inb()/outb() and friends
> not being declared. We thus need to add HAS_IOPORT as dependency for
> those drivers using them. There is also a direct and hard coded use in
> cirrus.c which according to the comment is only necessary during resume.
> Let's just skip this as for example s390 which doesn't have I/O port
> support also doesen't support suspend/resume.

>  config DRM_BOCHS
>  	tristate "DRM Support for bochs dispi vga interface (qemu stdvga)"
>  	depends on DRM && PCI && MMU
> +	depends on HAS_IOPORT
>  	select DRM_KMS_HELPER
>  	select DRM_VRAM_HELPER
>  	select DRM_TTM

On devices with an mmio bar the driver works just fine without inb/outb,
see bochs->mmio checks in bochs.c

take care,

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