Re: attaching a USB device by libusb_device or libusb_device_handle on Android

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Hi iordan,

On Mon, Dec 20, 2021 at 9:46 AM i iordanov <iiordanov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I saw that the developers at libusb have done a bunch of work to
> support accessing USB devices on unrooted Android devices, and in
> response to a user request, I decided to look into the current state
> of the implementation.

Congrats to libusb developers.

> I am able to obtain permissions and get both:
> libusb_device *dev
> and
> libusb_device_handle *handle
> for an attached USB stick, but now do not have a good idea how to
> request libspice to attach the device to the remote.
> Is there an API exposed that would permit me to attach devices by
> either libusb_device or libusb_device_handle? In either case, any
> pointers on how to accomplish this are welcome!

On the client side, you need to build usbredir and rebuild spice-gtk
with usbredir enabled.

On the server side you need to build usbredir and rebuild Qemu with
usbredir enabled.
You also need to add to your VM configuration some USB devices and
attach them to SPICE.
See SPICE User Manual [1] "USB redirection" for details.



> Sincerely,
> iordan
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