Fractional scaling with spice-client-gtk

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I've been seeing some weird behavior with fractional scaling on my laptop with both remmina and virt-manager when connecting to VMs, which makes me think it's something to do with the library they both use (spice-client-gtk). They both exhibit similar behavior where rendering is incorrect; when maximized with dynamic resolution, there's a border around the VM's display [0]. When you disable dynamic resolution at that point, it seems the buffer grows even larger (twice the size of the screen?) and the borders push the content past the viewpoint, requiring scrolling [1].

I'm guessing something about the way GNOME does fractional scaling interferes with the rendering of the SPICE widget. As a workaround, I can launch it as an X11 client (using environment overrides), but this means the app is unnecessarily blurry and has occasional pain points as an XWayland app. I'm happy to provide additional testing or feedback.

For reference, I'm running Arch Linux with spice-gtk 0.39-3, remmina 1.4.21-1, and virt-manager 3.2.0-2.



- Alex

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