Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] drm: Move nomodeset kernel parameter to the DRM subsystem

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On 11/5/21 10:39, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:


>>>> +obj-$(CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE) += drm_nomodeset.o
>>>> +
>>> This now depends on the VGA textmode console. Even if you have no VGA
>>> console, you'd want drm_nomodeset.o. Simpledrm might be built-in and can
>>> provide graphics. Non-PC systems don't even have a VGA device.
>> This was discussed in an earlier version, which had this builtin but the
>> header still had a stub for CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE=n.
>>> I think we really want a separate boolean config option that gets
>>> selected by CONFIG_DRM.
>> Perhaps that should be a separate change on top.
> Sure, make it a separate patch.

Agreed. I was planning to do it as a follow-up as well and drop the
#ifdef CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE guard in the header.
> We want to make this work on ARM systems. I even have a request to 
> replace offb on Power architecture by simpledrm. So the final config has 
> to be system agnostic.

Same, since we want to drop the fbdev drivers in Fedora, for all arches.
> Best regards
> Thomas
Best regards,
Javier Martinez Canillas
Linux Engineering
Red Hat

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