Re: [RESEND PATCH 2/5] drm: Move nomodeset kernel parameter handler to the DRM subsystem

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Hello Jani,

On 11/3/21 13:56, Jani Nikula wrote:


>> +obj-y += drm_nomodeset.o
> This is a subtle functional change. With this, you'll always have
> __setup("nomodeset", text_mode) builtin and the parameter available. And
> using nomodeset will print out the pr_warn() splat from text_mode(). But
> removing nomodeset will have no impact if CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE=n as that
> leads to vgacon_text_force() always returning false.

Yes, that's what I decided at the end to make it unconditional. That
way the same behaviour is preserved (even when only DRM drivers are
using the exported symbol).
> To not make functional changes, this should be:
> obj-$(CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE) += drm_nomodeset.o

Right, that should work.

> Now, going with the cleanup in this series, maybe we should make the
> functional change, and break the connection to CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE
> altogether, also in the header?
> (Maybe we'll also need a proxy drm kconfig option to only have
> drm_modeset.o builtin when CONFIG_DRM != n.)

See my other email. I believe the issue is drivers/gpu/drm always
being included even when CONFIG_DRM is not set.

Best regards, -- 
Javier Martinez Canillas
Linux Engineering
Red Hat

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