Re: phodav build/run on OSX

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On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 02:45:23PM -0700, John Paul Morrison wrote:
> Hi
> This change is for building phodav on OSX/Darwin
> I am able to build and run spice-webdavd on Catalina/Xcode using brew for
> meson, glib etc.
> - meson defaults to clang and it builds with a warning. Clang
> spice-webdav runs but there are more warnings with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all.
> After a few file/folder operations my Spice client  (Fedora 34,
> remote-viewer 9.0) crashed
> - Using CC=gcc-11 (homebrew) for meson builds without warnings.
> gcc spice-webdav logs fewer warnings at runtime and also works better.  I
> can copy files, extract archives etc.  It seems more robust than the clang
> build but I got a timeout trying to clone a repository into the webdav
> folder.
> John Paul

Thanks for the updates John!


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