Re: vdagent, pho-dav for Darwin/OSX?

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I installed gtk3 and various dependencies with macports. 

vdagent is a challenge - I have to remove alsa and libdrm for now as my focus  is on mouse/clipboard.
I think uinput is a problem too - not sure if this is just keyboard or mouse too. 

phodav was pretty easy to build with minor changes, and it even works a little bit.
I start sharing in remote-viewer, then run spice-webdavd in macos and mount with mount_webdav -S.

The webdav folder shows up on the Desktop/Finder,  I can open and see a directory listing.
I'm unable to copy or open from the Spice shared folder. But I was able to copy from MacOS into the Spice folder.

spice-webdavd doesn't show any problems with GLIB debugging on. I get some remote-viewer warnings with the Windows version 6.0 link you posted on gitlab, and the Windows client freezes up with folder sharing too.  No luck in Ubuntu either but theirs is version 6.0 too. 

remote-viewer 6.0:
(remote-viewer.exe:26688): GSpice-WARNING **: read error: Stream is already closed

that's all I've got for now 

> I'm not sure where to get started - I thought maybe I could
> test some things in XQuartz first.  Hoping this can be done in
> user space.

Are you building vdagent with gtk? With gtk, we might be able to
get some features like clipboard, I hope.


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