Re: Has SPICE devlopment stopped?

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On Thu, Sep 09, 2021 at 05:20:48PM +0200, insodus@xxxxxx wrote:
>    Hi,
>    as stated in [1] SPICE has become deprecated in RHEL. Because it seems
>    that SPICE was mainly devloped by Red Hat I wanted to ask if this means
>    that the development has stopped.

The link you referenced is the only official Red Hat statement.
Unofficially my suggestion is to interpret it as follows...

It is not likely that Red Hat engineers will invest any more time in
developing SPICE features as part of their official responsibilities.

Some limited bug fix work may continue as needed, for as long as
there are non-EOL versions of RHEL that include SPICE.

One caveat is that the spice guest agent is still useful as QEMU
gained the ability to use the spice guest agent to enable clipboard
support with its VNC server.

Finally note that the official statement in that link referenced
only refers to RHEL. SPICE is still shipped in Fedora and there
are not any plans to remove it there. Fedora policy is to enable
all available QEMU features that can be successfully built & used.

Overall I would say that any future feature development will be
dependant on resources invested from other interested SPICE
community members. 

With regards,
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