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On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 12:59 PM Sofia Son <admjral3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 hello,i use proxmox host, and remote vms by spice, and why speed file transfers through drag and drop is slowly,only 150kb -230kb/s ,how can i improve this speed ?although in LAN but when i drag and drop file i have to compress file,cant be transfer folder


1. Drag and Drop transfer rate:
How fast is your connection ?
For example, what is the transfer rate when you copy a file from client to guest using e.g. scp ?
Is it only for a single host/VM or all hosts/VMs ?

I just tried to drag and drop a big file from my host (Fedora 33) to a VM running on that host  (Fedora 34 guest) and I'm seeing a much faster transfer rate.

2. Compress files copied via Drag and Drop:
It's probably good for big files.

3. Transferring a folder via Drag and Drop:
It's not currently possible.
You can transfer a folder via the SPICE WebDAV feature.
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