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Hi Spice team,

 Thank you for all your hard work creating Spice.

 I'm running a company where I provide virtual desktops to my customers. Most of my customers want their virtual desktops to have hardware GPU acceleration for smooth video playback, games, and such. So the experience would be much more like being on a native machine.

 I've looked at many different options out there, and there really isn't one that fits the bill.

I have some questions for you all on how I can put my resources into helping spice add hardware encode/decode to it's streaming.

From what I've read, it seems that it's possible to add a plugin such as virgil to allow for 3d acceleration. While that project is aiming at creating a full virtual 3d graphics device, is it possible or maybe even easier to create a plugin that does hardware encode/decode on the host gpu(s)?

And that leads me to my next question, would that be the best place to add hardware acceleration? Or should the focus be elsewhere?

I've played with Parsec quite a bit, and it's streaming abilities are amazing, allowing for 3d games to be played remotely with very little latency.

Obviously nothing here is simple, but I'd like to get my developer resources aimed in the right place, and any thoughts/feedback from your team would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to having my team help with the project.


- Bob

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