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I am looking for info how to use spice to connect many userst to a farm of virtual machines.

For a fund raising demo I would like to use aSpice with our logo, how can I do that?

I think KVM is a good idea to use for virtualization, I am also looking for info what would be the best OS

to use. There are lists, like https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/linux-operating-systems-try-virtual-machine/

We are looking at Ubuntu right now with KVM and Lubuntu and Demian as VMs any suggestions welcome!

When a user signs-on, a new virtual machine should automatically be created with spice enabled (display spice), and the user should get the port number to be able to connect to the vm.

Any suggestions appreciated, also links to people who can give advice, we are planning our project Citizen`s Island

thank you in advance,



Thinsia Research

Roland Sassen

Eeserstr. 14

9531 CM Borger

tel.: +31 599820288

m: +31 640223112

email sassen@xxxxxxxxxxx


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