ANNOUNCE spice-vdagent 0.21.0 release

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Hi all,

spice-vdagent 0.21.0 is now available.
In case of bugs or requests, please file them at our issue


And also: 

These releases are signed with GPG key:

 3D01 51CD 86CB 514B A776  7EDA 72A9 CCB6 7FDA B9AF
Major changes in 0.20.0 =======================
* Security fixes:
  CVE-2020-25650, CVE-2020-25651, CVE-2020-25652, CVE-2020-25653
* Fix shutdown issue due to incompatible thread/fork uses with GLib
* Fix mouse pointer issues under Wayland
* Fix a crash when running without dbus (e.g: within containers)
* !9  - Introduce optional GTK4 support for monitor management
* !13 - Enable copying files from client using webdav
* Bump spice-protocol dependency to v0.14.3
Best regards,

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