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Hi there,

for my own purpose, I have ported the seamless mode patches written by Jakub Janků, Ondřej Holý and Lukáš Venhoda (see to Ubuntu 20.04.

I have also hacked the virt-viewer gtk app to allow easily entering and leaving seamless mode. This is a very convenient way to work with the VM in Ubuntu. It's probably not difficult to do the same with virt-manager but alas I'm not a Python programmer.

So, I have a set of packages for Ubuntu 20.04 and installation of these packages is very simple. In the Windows VM, it is also required to replace the vdagent and vdservice programs by the patched ones. This is not difficult, but it's a manual process for now.

Everything works well (but there are probably issues I didn't see, possibly with multiple screens) and I think this could be a major improvement to the kvm/qemu user experience in Linux.

However, I don't have time (and skills) to maintain these packages and patches. I have two other open source projects (Xfe and TexMaths) and a full time job...

So, I'm asking here if someone is interestedto get this work and maintain it? I could give you my packages (the patches are in the source packages) and a little explanation to start.

I'd be happy if the community could build something useful upon this work.

If someone is interested, how can I send the files? Mail attachment to this list? Google drive?

Thanks for andy answer and have a nice day,


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