remote-viewer disconnected when unplugging laptop from dock and switching to WIFI network.

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I have installed virt-viewer 9.0 on a Windows laptop and use it to connect to virtual machines in a remote Proxmox VE server. I noticed when I unplugging the laptop from docking station (where it is connected through a network cable), and switching to WIFI network, the virt-viewer window will disappear. I assume the virt-viewer is not making attempts to reconnect when network get lost.

I noticed when I clicked the console button on the Proxmox VE server, it actually download a download.vv file. When I click the download.vv file it actually uses the remote-viewer.exe to open it. There seems no option in the download.vv file or remote-viewer.exe that can configure the retry attempts.

So can we add a feature to the remote-viewer.exe to make it retry for some attempts? Just like the Windows RDP when disconnected, it will show "The connection has been lost. Attempting to reconnect to your session, Connection attempt: 1 of 20". (Example picture here: )
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