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I've been working on software related to spice for a few months now and have been wondering about a number of things I was hoping could get clarified

The website seems to be quite outdated. It points to Bugzilla, the documentation has a lot of missing parts, etc. Is there any source for up to date documentation on Spice?

Specifically I've been trying to understand the QUIC image format, however the source code makes heavy use of defines used in a way similar to C++'s templates, I was hoping there'd be some documentation somewhere. 

The site also lists a number of upcoming features on 
https://www.spice-space.org/features.html - is this an authoritative source? Where are features tracked for Spice?

For example this is two years old and would be nice to see:

It seems there's still updates done to spice seeing all the PATCH mails, but where is this coordinated?


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