Re: How to build Windows vdagent?

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On 10/29/20 3:10 AM, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
It depends on the environment you want to use.
Either you can use MingW + classic Autoconf (configure) and compile as many Unix
projects (better to have a Linux machine) or you can use CMake, better suited
for use with Visual Studio (for instance).

The MingW/Linux (Fedora) option would be easiest for me, but I can't get
it to work; I can't figure how to get around this error:

  configure: error: static libpng not found

I have installed every single *libpng* package in Fedora:

$ sudo dnf list '*libpng*'
Last metadata expiration check: 2:32:12 ago on Thu 29 Oct 2020 07:37:22 AM CDT.
Installed Packages
libpng.i686                            2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng.x86_64                          2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng-devel.i686                      2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng-devel.x86_64                    2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng-static.i686                     2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng-static.x86_64                   2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng-tools.x86_64                    2:1.6.37-3.fc32           @fedora
libpng12.i686                          1.2.57-11.fc32            @fedora
libpng12.x86_64                        1.2.57-11.fc32            @fedora
libpng12-devel.i686                    1.2.57-11.fc32            @fedora
libpng12-devel.x86_64                  1.2.57-11.fc32            @fedora
libpng15.i686                          1.5.30-9.fc32             @fedora
libpng15.x86_64                        1.5.30-9.fc32             @fedora
mingw32-libpng.noarch                  1.6.37-3.fc32             @fedora
mingw32-libpng-static.noarch           1.6.37-3.fc32             @fedora
mingw64-libpng.noarch                  1.6.37-3.fc32             @fedora
mingw64-libpng-static.noarch           1.6.37-3.fc32             @fedora

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