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Hey everyone,

I just cut a new release candidate in the 0.14.x stable series.
If you find any bugs or regressions, please report them in our issue
See also

Major Changes in 0.14.91:

0.14.91 is the first release candidate for the stable 0.15.x series. While some
bugs might still be present, it should be reasonably stable. If you are looking
for stability for daily use, please keep using the latest 0.14.x release.

* Support UNIX abstract sockets
* Fix some potential thread race condition in RedClient
* Many cleanups in the code
* Improve migration test script
* Update in protocol documentation
* Improve Meson build
* Removed CELT support
* Update CI 
* Removed QXLWorker definition, it was deprecated 6 years ago
* Fix some compatibility with MacOS
* Fix some compatibility with Windows
* Move the project to C++
* Some fixes for SASL dealing with WebDAV
* Fix minor Coverity reports
* Add Doxygen support, manually built with "make doxy"
* Support more mouse buttons (up to 16 buttons)
* CVE-2020-14355 multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities in QUIC decoding

Kind Regards,

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