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Sync smatch with sparse?

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On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 10:49:09AM +0300, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> It looks like everything was BCC instead of To: and Cc:?  I can't tell
> which went to linux-sparse and which smatch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Smatch is
> GPL and Sparse is MIT, but any shared code is MIT licensed.
> I would like to sync with upstream Sparse, but I tried a couple months
> back and it got complicated so I have procrastinated.

Hi Dan,

It would indeed be good to sync smatch & sparse and I would be ready,
if needed, to make some changes to sparse to make it easier.
There is also several ways to do that. I'm wondering if you
have already considered to simply remove anything related to
sparse from smatch's tree and install sparse as a seperate library?

Another approach would be to use consider sparse as a subtree
(in git-subtree's sense) of smatch (in a directory 'sparse').
If you're interested in this approach, I've put a sort of draft
of it in:
	git://github.com/lucvoo/smatch.git split-sparse

Currently, you first need to:
	make -C sparse
in this tree since sprase is there in an independent subdir
but that would be easy enough to call from the main Makefile
(which is now much simpler).

Best regards,
-- Luc

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