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Re: Tracking Implicit Dependencies

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On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 03:36:16PM -0400, Andrew Zhu Aday wrote:
> Also, when parsing a function definition, why does smatch only follow
> some internal function calls? For example, in the syscall
> `get_mempolicy` in ``mm/mempolicy.c`,
> it will follow the call to `copy_nodes_to_user`, but will not follow
> `do_get_mempolicy`.
> Is there a way I can make it follow all internal function calls?

I'm not totally sure I understand the question.  It follows everything.

I suspect that what you're looking is that copy_nodes_to_user() is
parsed inline and get_mempolicy() isn't.  In smatch_flow.c look at the
places which reference __inline_fn and you'll see the rules for this.
Basically inlines don't nest, it has to be shorter than 20 lines long
and have a max of 10 statements.

There is the smatch_db.sqlite file normal cross function analysis and
another sqlite DB in ram for handling inline functions.

dan carpenter
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