Re: Newbie: Having Trouble with "gimp-image-add-layer"

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ppapostol wrote:
> I'm trying to open an existing image as a layer
> (define (script-fu-sonaya-bckgnd)
> (let* (
> (ImageId (aref (cadr (gimp-image-list)) 0)) ;get the image id
> (Sonaya (car (gimp-file-load-layer 1 ImageId "D:\\mi\\brd02.png")))
> )
> (gimp-image-add-layer ImageId Sonaya -1)
> )

In order for the above to work you must have at least one open image before 
running the script.

> Also, how can I see values of variables in the console window during
> script execution ? Someone said I can "define" them, how do I do
> this ?

The "define" function is used to define something (ie. make a new variable). 
It is not used to show you the value, or contents, of something. If you want 
to see the values of a variable, use "display".

It used to be possible to have output from Script-Fu be seen on the console 
from which GIMP was run but I think that was changed a while ago. The way to 
test your script is to run it from within the Script-Fu console.


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