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Alec Burgess wrote:
>From working on another of his scripts I thought it was because no
> value was being assigned to image in the *let construct:
> let* ((i (car (gimp-image-list)))
> (image))
> so I changed it to:
> let* ((i (car (gimp-image-list)))
> (image -1))

The above change is required but that isn't the cause of "unbound variable". 
Omitting the value for a variable will give you a "bad syntax of binding" 
error message. The "unbound variable" message means you are using, or 
referencing, a variable that you have not defined in a let block.

The error message you received was "unbound variable: goode-save-all-images". 
Take a closer look at this message. The text which follows the : in the 
message is the name of the item that has not yet been defined.

If you look at the script, you will see the item mentioned in the error 
message is in the script-fu-register block at the end of the file. Now, take a 
look at the function you actually declared after the comments at the top of 
the file and you see you used "define (script-fu-save-all-images)".

You need to change the name of the function in the define to match the name 
given in the register block, or change the name in the register block to match 
the name given in the define.


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