XCode syntax highlighting plug-in for Script-fu

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I'm not sure how many people use Mac OS X for Gimp Script-fu development.  
However, I have created and posted a XCode syntax highlighting plug-in for Script-fu.  The plug-in will allow XCode to syntax highlight correctly any Script-fu code you use inside XCode.  XCode normally comes bundled with Mac OS X as an optional install.

After installing XCode must be restarted and any projects you intend to use may need to be recreated to get the syntax highlighting to take effect.  Note this plug-in only provides syntax highlighting capabilities within XCode and doesn't allow XCode to compile, interpret or otherwise run Script-fu code.

The files are posted here:

The complete plug-in zipped can be found here:

I have also posted a photo of it in action here:

Enjoy. :)

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