Re: [Gimp-developer] [*correction*][writing to files] Error: set-output-port: ne

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> doesn't work under GIMP using Script-Fu, it would seem there is a
bug in the 
> version of TinyScheme used in Script-Fu.


> I would suggest you open a bug report about this problem. However,
when you 

done :  bug 523974 

> are creating the bug report, it would be better if you attach the
expected and 
> actual output from the script as an attachment instead of in the bug


> itself. It will make the report easier to read. Also, add the
readable version 
> of the script (the one with the extra white-space) as an attachment.


> forget to include the Script-Fu register blocks.


> BTW, the menu register block isn't right. It should read something like:
> (script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-exp-medit"

right : that's what I meant !

> -- 
> Cheers!
> Kevin.

Thank you, Kevin. Happy Easter.

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