Re: Re: [writing to files] Error: set-output-port: needs 1 argument(s)

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I have a question now.  How did you generate that image?  :)

kkwweett <kkwweett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:                             > I can't see the structure of the script the way it came through the
 > system. 
 Consequently, I've found this way to please my readers :
 > One thing that I have noticed is you seem to be using 'cond' when an if 
 > statement would suffice. The cond construct would be more
 appropriate when you 
 > need the equivalent of a C switch statement or multiple if/else.
 SICP tells that one (which one ?!) is a syntactic sugar of the other
 and a good implementation should see things in an equivalent way.
 Personally, I prefer to use cond for there is no need to use the
 keyword 'begin' in (one given) case of successive procedure calls.

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