Re: [writing to files] Error: set-output-port: needs 1 argument(s)

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Thank you, Chad, for your answer.
I think gimp-message-set-handler and gimp-message will be very useful
to me.
But, for now, I don't kwnow where to put them because my problem
occurs between a write call (which I make) and a set-output-port call
(which I don't make) and I don't know who calls this set-output-port !

P.S. will Kevin come soon ?

--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Chad Jones <chadsspameateremail@...>
> I think who you need to answer your question is Kevin on this list
but I'll take a shot at giving you some help as well.  If I were you
I'd look at using debugging statements to figure out what is going on.
 The debugging statement I use to good effectiveness is listed below:
> For strings: (where iMessageToPrint is a string to print)
>    ( gimp-message-set-handler 2 )
>    ( gimp-message iMessageToPrint )
> For numbers here's how to convert to a string for printing using the
above routine:
>       ( set! StringToPrint ( number->string iNumberToPrint 10 ) )
> There isn't a full debugger in the gimp so really that's the best
thing I use at the moment besides filling my code with all kinds of
assert statements.  

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