Re: Re: Why my script doesn't work ?

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dodo_do_not_wake_up wrote:
> so forget my previous script here is the new one but it still don't
> work...
> help please :(
> <>

You either forgot (or did not know) that calls to GIMP functions return their 
values inside a list. You need to use 'car' to get the image ID returned from 
the calls to gimp-layer-new.

You can simplify the script slightly after you fix the two set! calls. Just 
drop the 'set!' function reference from the line and move the two lines to 
where you currently set i and l.

     (sx 256)
     (sy 168)
     (i  (car (gimp-image-new (* sx nx) (* sy ny) RGB) ) )
     (l  (car (gimp-layer-new i (* sx nx) (* sy ny) RGB-IMAGE
                              "Background" 100 NORMAL-MODE) ) )


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