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mbrethen wrote:
> ; Advanced Line Art  function:
> ;
> ; Requires:
> ;   plug-in-sobel
> ;   plug-in-gauss-rle
> ;   plug-in-gimpressionist
> ;   plug-in-grain
> ;   plug-in-convmatrix
> Sobel and gimpressionionist I recognize; are the rest of these plugins 
> included in the standard gimp 2.2 installation? If 
> not, which ones? And where can I download them?

If you need to determine what is available in GIMP, use the procedure
browser. This will show you that all are available except for grain (at
least in a standard GIMP 2.2 install).

A search for the script you are trying to use led me to the GUG
Script-Fu Library (
The description for the 2.1 version of the script states it needs the
Grain Eraser plugin. That comment isn't part of the version 3.1
description. An internet search turned up Grain Erase 0.9.2 at

The script is from 2002 and the plug-in has a date in late 2001. I won't
be surprised if you have to update both the plugin and the script in
order to use them with the 2.2 version of GIMP.


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