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i am in an interesting situation here.  i live in the same area as the
latest gimp author http://gimpbook.com/

this area is Mountain View, California.  it is very much to my dismay
that i have not *seen* akkana since we celebrated her birthday in 2004.
i humbly submit that i also did not press her or ask her to take time
from her busy life to spend time with me.  i asked once, i determined
that if this was not enough to get a time in her very very busy
schedule, that i would just be privately sad about this and wait until
the book came out.

well, the book is out now and interestingly enough, the GIMP Animation
Plug-in is in need of testing before its release.  i would like to kill
two birds with one stone (which is an old fashioned phrase meaning to do
to jobs at one time) and get some movies of akkana signing her book.

akkana has suggested that we meet at a linux user group.  the problem i
have with the local linux user groups is that the public is invited, but
if friends and people you know are not available to help you to attend,
they are not so public after all.  (something like the demolition plans
that were mentioned in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where the plans
were made public, but in a basement and filed safely from notice)

i would like the opportunity to use my little camera to film akkana at a
real book signing.  like at a mall of one of the local bookstores.  i am
not afraid of the real public, in fact, by now, i would prefer it.

akkana herself is very experienced with the professional world, having
been hired at one time by mozilla and also from her work with the local
astronomy club.  me, all i can do apparently is to write about how other
people are able to use GIMP in this world.  i am fine with this role.  i
don't even mind extending my debt just a little more to enable Akkana to
advance even further in life than she already has in the world of free

it would be my honor and pleasure, even.

any ideas about accessible local bookstores for Akkana to have a book
signing that i can film?



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