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Jesus wrote:
> I've been digging around trying to find a plugin or macro that would
> allow me to draw a frame around my pictures, writing inside the EXIF
> data (diafragm aperture, focal length, speed....) to have it visible
> on the picture itself. Since I've been unable to find one, the next
> step is to write it by myself. I almost understand Scheme/Script-fu,
> so I feel quite ready to try.
> But I need some information on how to extract the EXIF data from the
> picture files from inside Script-fu.

There is a script called Add Border which can be found under Filters/Decor of 
the Image menu (ie. right click the image to find the menu entry).

I haven't had to work with EXIF data attached to images but a quick check in 
the procedure browser indicates that you may be able to get the EXIF data you 
want using imp-procedural-db-get-data. If not, enter 'data' in to the 
procedure browser to see other possible PDB calls that might do what you want.


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