Having problems with Dov Grobgeld's example1 tutorial ...

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OK, I decided to try and delve into this script-fu stuff a bit, and 
was pleased to find that Dov Grobgeld had taken the time to put 
together some examples.  I downloaded the example1 script, but when 
I run it here is what happens.

First run (using default parameters), I get a square that 
is "mostly" black.  It should be the orange color that goes with the 
default for the script, but instead it is black with random specks 
of colored pixels within it.

If I run it a second time, again just keeping the default parameters 
and hitting OK, I get an error ... "ERROR:  Prodedural database 
execution failed:  (gimp_edit_fill 2 4)"

Continuing to try to run it with the defaults yields the same error 
message, except that the first gimp_edit_fill parameter increments 
by 1 each time and the second increments by 2 each time.

On each run, the background color is being set.  The fill command is 
just not executing properly.  I looked in the procedure browser, and 
it says that the gimp_edit_fill command should be taking a fill mode 
number for the second parameter ... I don't understand why the 
example is passing it the value of "layer"?

So I changed the script to have a fill mode parameter of 1, a 
background color fill.  Now when I run it,

The first time result is the same as the original script.

The second time crashes, giving the same error.

The third time, I got a black square, with a few random colored 
pixels and large, rectangular patches of mottled gray??????

Can somebody please straighten me out on this?  It's been a 
looonnnngg time since I've done any programming, and Scheme does not 
seem very intuitive to me.  But I should be able to get the first 
example to work, shouldn't I???

Thanks ..... Mark

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