RE: How to "printf" text and variable contents?

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> On Behalf Of paulsm1021
> Can anybody PLEASE tell me how to do a simple "printf" in Script-Fu?
> Thank you in advance!
> (define (script1)
>   (let*
>     (
>       (x 2)
>     )
>     ; This just prints "script-fu: 1: x="; it doesn't print value of x
>     (gimp-message "1: x=" x)

There's no automatic string conversion nor string concatenation in
script-fu. You have to write it explicity, thus:
(gimp-message (string-append "1: x=" (number->string x)))
is the way to do it.

>     ; This causes an "execution error"
>     (gimp-message
>       (cons "2: x=" x)
>     )

cons is only for concatenating lists.

>     ; This also causes an "execution error"
>     ; (gimp-message x)

Again, x need to be converted to string: (gimp-message (number->string x))


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