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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "michaelhoelzende" 
<MichaelHoelzen@xxxx> wrote:
> --- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "lasm.rm" <lasm@xxxx> wrote:
> >
> > --- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "michaelhoelzende" 
> > <MichaelHoelzen@xxxx> wrote:
> > > in my script i call the plug-in with a kind of dummy-values 
> > > the widget has constants and the user can change them. so the 
> > values
> > > of the parameters are not important at that time.
> > > but how can i preserve these constants or the user put-in 
> > for
> > > the next calls if running the plug-in NONINTERACTIVE? the plug-
> > > would take the dummy-values of my script, wouldn't it?
> > > 
> > 
> >   Calling it with INTERACTIVE would preserve the last used 
> > parameters, but in NONINTERACTIVE mode, it won't work.. ASAIK.
> > 
> >   BTW, the script-fu "manual" has been made into a html 
> > thanks to Tim for the superb effort to put up a nice web page.. 
> > check it out here
> > 
> >   Any corrections/additions/comments to the manual please post 
> > 
> > re,
> > lasm
> >
> Thanks for the manual!
> Cheers
> Michael


   i've been playing around with the free-mind tool at Source Forge, 
and i find it quite interesting.. You can actually use it to 
document, for e.g. the script-fu syntax, code examples.. etc.

   There's an example picture uploaded to Photos, it's the same one 
you can see at the Gimp FX Effects home page.

   What i find most incredible is that they have made the source a 
text format !! It can be used to generate html output, pdf, png, jpg 
etc.. and the links can be converted to html links..

   That means it is very simple to start a project to document the 
script-fu manual with hyper links.. just need to create it in mind-
map, then output to html or png.. Furthermore this work can be 
shared amongst many people !!

   Free-mind can be downloaded at

   Check it out !! I'm putting up more mind map at the FX site too..


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