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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Kevin Cozens <kcozens@xxxx> wrote:
> michaelhoelzende wrote:
> > so i will have to try it out what is really valid and what is 
> Thinking about this again I remembered something. SIOD as used in 
> only uses the slib.c and sliba.c source files. It does not include 
> functions defined in the slibu.c file.
> I grepped the files to extract a list of supported functions in 
the portion of 
> SIOD that is used in Script-Fu. I believe the following 
alphabetically sorted 
> list is complete.
> <=, <, =, >=, >, -, /, *, +, abs, acos, allocate-heap, and, append,
> append2, apply, apropos, aref, array->hexstr, aset, ash, asin, ass,
> ass, assoc, assq, assv, atan, atan2, base64decode, base64encode,
> begin, benchmark-eval, benchmark-funcall1, benchmark-funcall2,
> bit-and, bit-not, bit-or, bit-xor, butlast, bytes-append, caaar,
> caadr, caar, cadar, caddr, cadr, car, *catch, cdaar, cdadr, cdar,
> cddar, cdddr, cddr, cdr, %%closure, %%closure-code, %%closure-env,
> cond, cons, cons-array, copy-list, cos, define, delq, env-lookup,
> eof-val, eq?, equal?, eqv?, error, eval, exp, fast-load,
> fast-print, fast-read, fast-save, fclose, fflush, fmod, fopen,
> fread, fseek, ftell, fwrite, gc, gc-info, gc-status, get, getc, 
> hexstr->bytes, href, hset, if, intern, lambda, larg-default, last,
> last-c-error, length, let-internal, let-internal-macro, let*-macro,
> letrec-macro, list, lkey-default, load, log, lref-default, make-
> mapcar, mapcar1, mapcar2, max, member, memq, memv, min, nconc,
> not, nreverse, nth, null?, number?, number->string, or, pair?,
> parse-number, parser_fasl, parser_fasl_hook, parser_read, pow,
> prin1, print, print-to-string, prog1, putc, putprop, puts, qsort,
> quit, quote, rand, read, read-from-string, realtime, regcomp,
> regerror, regexec, require, reverse, runtime, save-forms, set!,
> set-car!, set-cdr!, set-eval-history, setprop, set-symbol-value!,
> sin, sqrt, srand, %%stack-limit, strbreakup, strcat, strcmp,
> strcpy, strcspn, string?, string-append, string-dimension,
> string-downcase, string-length, string-lessp, string->number,
> string-search, string-trim, string-trim-left, string-trim-right,
> string-upcase, strspn, subset, substring, substring-equal?, swrite,
> sxhash, symbol?, symbol-bound?, symbolconc, symbol-value, tan,
> the-environment, *throw, trace, trunc, typeof, unbreakupstr, 
> untrace, verbose, while, while, writes


  "floor" is missing from the manual above, but it does work !

  In general, apropos seems to be grepping from some module that
was never implemented. The following functions return ok from 
apropos but is not working...

  remainder, modulo, floor->exact, inexact->exact


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