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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "kngrdwn" <kngrdwn@xxxx> wrote:
> This seems like it should be simple, but appears Greek to me.
> I want to create a script that saves a .tif to .gih.  So, I call 
> the Script Console and Browse for the command using the envoked 
> Procedure Browser.  I search, find and select the appropriate 
> command: file-gih-save.
> The code is,
> (file-gih-save run_mode image drawable filename raw_filename 
> description cell_width cell_height display_cols display_rows 
> dimension rank dimension sel)
> which displays in the Console Browse display.  Question is, how do 
> apply it when the only option of the Windon is Close?
> Now to go a little farther.  I don't need to specify particulars 
> the brush.  I just want to convert the .tif to .gih using Gimp's 
> default "export" settings.  Is that possible or do I have to enter 
> values manually for the variables?
> Finally, is the a batch function in Gimp 2.2.9 so I can apply this 
> script to a set of files.  If not, and since Gimp is open source, 
> there a share/freeware file converter that opens, reads and saves 
> gih? 
> So many questions.  
> Thanks,

Just some pointers to get you started,
first you open your tif image in Gimp,
if you want to try the PDB call in Script-fu Console, then you
need to type in the full parameters in the small input box, remeber 
the parameters are positional, so you will need to fill in every one 
of them.. for example,

(file-gih-save run_mode image drawable filename raw_filename ...)

You type in the Console this, followed by Enter key :

(file-gih-save 1 1 2 filename ...)

Start everything with open brace and end with close brace..

For run_mode, only 2 choice, 0 or 1, using either shouldn't matter,
For image, use 1, this is the first image you open since Gimp
For drawable, use 2, this is the first layer of the first image you 

Fill in the rest of the parameters with the respective values, then
end with close brace and Enter.

If you want to know what are the default values for file-gih-save,
you can choose to save the image as Brush Pipe gif format, it will 
show a window which tells you the default values it is using,
something like Number of cells 1, Dimension 1, Ranks 1 random..

This PDB call is rather long, if you want a shorter example,
try this in the Script-fu Console,
(plug-in-vinvert 1 1 2)

Once you get it done in Console, you can use the same parameters in
a script, so you can convert it to a batch job.. Here's a good 


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