Re: Kernel compilation problems

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> Anyway, I'm using GCC 3.2 and I've made these changes (displayed in 
> sort-of-diff-style):

To support a gcc-3.2 compiled kernel, a lot of things would need to get fixed
in a 2.4.9 based kernel. Red Hat only supports gcc-3.2 with newer code

> One last question, is there a way (CVS maybe) to get the bleeding edge 
> kernel as it's being changed by the developers?

At the moment, we don't have newer kernels available on our public
ftp-server that fully support mainframe, so you still have to add
some of the mainframe patches that IBM has not integrated upstream
or live with a slightly older mainframe basis within the Red Hat kernel
or just go with a vanilla kernel from Linus Torvalds and use the
IBM patches on top of it.


Florian La Roche

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