Re: [Redhat-s390-list] Problem with red hat 7.2 for s390

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> Hi !
> 1. Check MTU size - I have had the same problem which was resolved with MTU
> <= 1492 . It seems to be problem with microcode in MP3000 -the same
> situation I saw  in OS390 environment (TCPIP with Ethernet frame type hangs
> on sessions with packet  size greater then 1492).
> 2. I now that loader runs wit XWIndow settings - have you XServer active ?
> If not, unset DISPLAY variable.

Yes...the problem was MTU...for only 8 byte i wasn't enable to install red 
hat 7.2. Now it's all ok, red hat is up and now i want install Oracle 9i for 
test purpose. Thank you to Rob van der Heij, Florian la roche, Piotr 
Kolasinski and all list for help.

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