Re: [Redhat-s390-list] RedHat Roswell Beta rc.sysinit Timing Problem

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On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 01:36:42PM -0400, Post, Mark K wrote:
> The rc.sysinit file makes a call to /sbin/oco-setkver _before_ all the other
> file systems are mounted.  /sbin/oco-setkver calls /usr/bin/objdump.  If
> /usr is on a different file system than root, this call fails, and the IPL
> hangs at that point.  I had to IPL fro m the virtual reader to recover from
> this problem.

Good point. We have already re-written this from perl into bash, but
haven't seen the objdump-dependency. :-(

Thanks a lot, great bug-reports,

Florian La Roche

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